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Help increase the fire safety of your home or business with Fire Alarm systems and fire extinguishers RI from Alert Fire Protection, Inc., in Cranston. Choose from any of our complete line of fire protection products and services:

Fire Extinguishers—All Sizes of Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, and CO2 Extinguishers
• Local Fire Alarm Systems—Not Connected to Fire Department
Municipal Fire Alarm SystemsConnected to Fire Department
Emergency Lights and SignsExit Signs help light the way for you During Power Outages, Repair and Installation Services Also Available

Brands of Municipal Fire Alarm Systems:




10-Pound ABC Dry Chemical Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers

Weighs just 10 pounds and is easy to maneuver, our ABC Dry Chemical Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher uses rechargeable dry chemicals. This type of fire extinguisher is capable to prevent nearly any kind of fire. The design uses the following standard features:

• Pin

• Lever

• Hose

Fire Extinguishers RI

Fire Extinguisher Inspections in Cranston, RI

Other Features

Own our ABC Dry Chemical Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher for only $84.50. The industrial-grade extinguisher container is easily storable and comes with a wall hanger. Meet all of your state's fire code restrictions with this extinguisher. It can be used in:

• Homes
• Schools

• Offices

• Vehicles

Five-Pound ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher RI

Weighing a mere five pounds, our small fire extinguisher has features similar to those of our 10-Pound ABC Dry Chemical Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher. Get one for only $54.50.

Fire Suppression Systems

When it comes to protecting your business, it helps to have a back up plan. What will stop your business from going up in flames, if it's too late to use one of our trusted fire extinguishers? A fire suppression system helps stop fires from spreading to other rooms or parts of the building.
• Dry Chemical Fire Suppressions Systems RI —For Use in Gas Stations and Paint Booths
• Wet Chemical Systems—For Kitchen Systems and Appliances

Contact us in Cranston, Rhode Island, and be assured of a fire extinguisher service that meets the industry standards.